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Advice for Women Over 40: Never Give Up on Love

Iris Gattegno Tarbuk


Advice for Women Over 40: Never Give Up on Love

My message to older than 40 is that the soul is not measured by years. For love between two souls the age of your physical body is not important. Never, never ever, give up on love.

 Old age is a state of mind. Energy of the man and the woman is always young and healthy. It is eternal. What matters is how we are connected with that energy. This is why the age of a body is not an obstacle for love. There is no more or less beauty in somebody being an older or a younger person, no matter whether it is a man or a woman. Age is not a measure of reality and genuine human essence. Everyone is beautiful to someone. And it is untrue that the world belongs to the young and that you can have it all when you are young. It is only a pretence originating from the youthful zest of the body, or from the envy of a disappointed and bitter soul in the body of an aged person.

Longing for young body image

Consumer mentality enslaving people today rests on that. Businesses, producing “food supplements” and constantly bombarding us with expensive commercials via the media, in order to sell us the newest products against aging, cures for all diseases, miraculous preparations for eternal beauty, are getting richer and richer. I am not talking here about medical care for our physical health, hygiene, medical cosmetics and other stuff contributing to us feeling good in our own skin. I am talking about all those myriads of products where producers promise us eternal youth which should be a guarantee for our eternal happiness. How lacking and short-sighted! True, the advance of science is slowing down the biological clock, but unfortunately, not even a bit does it influence the prejudice that life happiness and the beauty of living cease to exist when the beauty of our body vanishes. It is also true that physical beauty can be enjoyed, but physical beauty is ephemeral, while true love makes true beauty eternal.

Collective pressure forces women to look according to certain norms. William Shakespeare, a secular and free spirit and an ingenious playwright, free from the doctrine of his era, wrote: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” However, our society teaches us that we value beauty according to body curves, hair, eyes, nose, lips… Such evaluation of the beauty is valueless for true love. True love does not depend on what is outside.

Preventing aging

When does aging really start? It starts when we give up on ourselves and surrender to aging. Recent studies in medicine, biology and quantum physics have found that human body

is created so perfect that it did not have to age and die as fast as it happens in today’s world. Holy books say that people once lived up to one thousand years, remember Methuselah from the Old Testament. Human body is a biological system, but it is governed by the consciousness of the individual.

Aging is a process which can be slowed down, stopped. Exactly because we always say that the soul is the source of true love, we need to take care of our body health, because the body is the habitat of the soul in this world. Not only by using mental techniques, meditations and prayers, but by physical activity like sport and dance. At the same time, the body (and the soul) need to be treated with healthy food and generally with healthy and proper life. It is important that you do nothing because you think you must, but because you love yourself and your body. Listen to your needs. Go out, meet people. God, the Universe and Divine energy are sending you signals, trust them and follow them. When you are invited somewhere, accept the invitation and see what is awaiting you there.

Excerpts from the book “Soul Mates: How to Find and Keep True Love” by Iris Gattegno Tarbuk

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