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How to Pray for Love if Your Loved One Doesn’t Notice You

Knjiga Soul Mates Iris Tarbuk


How to Pray for Love if Your Loved One Doesn’t Notice You

Iris Gattegno Tarbuk, soul reader

If you are suffering because you love someone who does not respond, who doesn’t notice your presence or you don’t even know each other, it is typically a momentary enchantment, a need to fancy a perfect happiness with a romantic hero, and it can be a celebrity actor or a singer, local beauty or, maybe, “forbidden fruit” – your sister’s boyfriend. Should we at all seek the love of that person? First of all, be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you love him. Do you know him enough at all to be able to love him? When we are in such a state of enchantment – ecstasy, we idealize the person. Try to see him in all possible situations in which you haven’t seen him yet because you haven’t been together: e.g. snoring in his sleep, being at the toilette… Is he still attractive? Try to be realistic regarding him. I hear many women who cannot stand their husbands’ snoring. But when they fall in love with another partner, that same thing doesn’t bother them, neither do many more things he does. The woman often wants some man and cries and sighs: “I want him! I love him!” although it is easily discernible that he is not good for her.

“I know that he isn’t good for me, but I will die without him. Iris, help!”

I try to explain that it is not good, but as if there is a wall there. Whatever I say is met with a response like: “No, no, I must be with him, I can’t live without him.” And when the enchantment is gone, what remains is wonder: “I really don’t know what it is I saw in that man!”

Prayer before sleep

If you have honestly considered your feelings without imagination and excitement, and found that you really are in love with the man, this prayer before sleep will help you win his love: “Dear God, if it is good for me, let my message reach him.”

After that, start talking with him: “My dear…”, and then speak out his name and surname and then continue: “I like you very much. I love you!” Say what you want him to hear from you and about you. At the end, end your message with: “I am sending you the energy of my love.” The aim is to telepathically send him the message. If he is your soul mate, he will receive it.

*This is an excerpt from the book “Soul Mates: How to Find and Keep Love” by Iris Gattegno Tarbuk. English edition is now available on Amazone store here:

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